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Transformations & Other Visions, Spring 2024


Commissioned by the NAYA Family Center in partnership with the City of Portland and the Regional Arts and Culture Council, this Raven sculpture (not yet titled) is nearly complete! The finished bronze sculpture will be 7' tall from foot to beak tip. It will be installed this August on NE 42nd Avenue in Cully, Portland’s largest Neighborhood, on land that was a longstanding Chinook village and gathering site called Neerchokikoo.

This Raven sculpture will be situated adjacent to Mamook Tokatee, a NAYA housing, studio, and display space for Portland area Indigenous Artists. Mamook Tokatee is a Chinook Wawa phrase for "make beautiful." Just south of the Columbia River and near its confluence with the Willamette River, Cully Neighborhood is a place where people have been coming together in community since ancient times. In recent history, the land, air, and water in Cully has suffered from industrial pollution and contamination. The Raven sculpture recalls the cultural significance of this special place and its proximity to the Rivers-- a place of safe gathering for trade and business; a place to live, work and play. Raven will join the active call of Cully neighbors, businesses, community organizations, the City of Portland, and allies to join together in community and good stewardship of the Rivers, land, and air to benefit all.

The central human face represents both a human person and Raven's Yua, (person/spirit). I fashioned this person after my Friendship Amulets with the intention of bringing the spirit of healing, goodwill and friendship to people who see and interact with the sculpture. Human hands with truncated thumbs and a hole in the center are a common Yup’ik motif with many meanings. Here, the wing/arm is creating space, gathering viewers in. The open circle in the hand is a portal through which healing and transformation might flow.


To the Foundry!

Last month we made a glorious trip to Eastern Oregon to visit the foundry I'll be working with on my current commission. We then drove further East to Idaho as I was a panelist speaker for a Boise Department of Arts & History Public Art industry event. Wonderful days! Drying out and celebrating the high desert sky may become an April ritual.


Presence Water Shedding, Collaboration with Mike Suri

Errol Heights Park Grand Opening, June 1 2024, 10:30-Noon

Pro photos of this newly installed public art sculpture coming in late May. Read more about my collaboration with Mike on the Public Art page of my website.


But anyway...

Piuraa,  Take Care!


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