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Dependent Arising: Owl & Lemming

City of Lake Oswego, 2nd and A St.

This bronze sculpture celebrates the interdependence of all beings. Lemming is scaled larger to show its equal position to owl in the ecosystem. My aim is that the visceral experience of drifting one's hands along the smooth lines and curves of both lemming and owl will speak to viewers, consciously or subconsciously, of the interrelationship and equal importance regardless of assumed power differentials, that all beings inhabit in the give and take of survival. In Yup’ik and other Native cultures, there is no independent existence, only interconnection.



Vanport Building, Portland OR

Immersed tells a Far North story of a young person whose lost vision is restored through their relationship with a red-throated loon. Gratitude, respect, and being in good relationship with the natural world are offered in the story as paths to healing, wholeness, and survival.


Seal Vision: Shared Spirit

Portland Art Museum

Laughing Duck and 

Regional Arts & Culture Council
Permanent Collection, Portland OR

Laughing Duck and Woman.jpg

Here to There and There to Here

Mead Building, Portland OR (Temporary Exhibit, 2015)

This collaborative piece by Terresa White and fellow Alaska Native artist, Sean Gallagher, is an expression of their friendship, their interrelated artistic journeys, and their movement in and around their Pacific Northwest homes. HERE TO THERE AND THERE TO HERE is a conversation between Terresa and Sean about their shared Alaska Native ways of navigating place, identity, and culture.

Wood, twine, ceramic, pigment, feathers

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