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Transformations & Other Visions Early 2022 (Winter)

News: Public Art Commission!

I received good news this fall-- my friend and new collaborator Mike Suri and I were offered a commission by the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) for design, fabrication and installation of new artwork at Errol Heights Park, in Portland, Oregon. We were thrilled and enthusiastically accepted the offer. Errol Heights sits on the southern border of the city, at an odd confluence of rural and urban, industrial and residential land. The park will be undergoing major construction this year to improve and connect the lower trail and wetlands with the upper forested areas, meadow, and community garden. Mike and I spent fall and early winter getting to know the park and meeting with community stakeholders, park naturalists, and project managers.

Together we have designed a 13 foot monumental sculpture to celebrate the unique landscape and ecology of Errol Heights Park. It will combine our respective mediums, steel and bronze. The foundational sculpture will be heavy steel formed and pressed into elegant, organic shapes. Tall forms will echo the park's trees. Steel folds and curves will honor the vegetation. The hydrology of park the will be represented in steel shapes that cup, collect, and drain rainwater. These photos show our models at quarter size in steel and plastiline clay.

The bronze sculptural elements will combine human faces with some of the flora and fauna of Errol Heights Park--blue heron and red alder, owl and white oak, peacock and big leaf maple. (Peacocks are a surprising feature of the park ecology--where the neighborhood and the meadow meet.)

I've had a wonderful time sculpting these models. Especially exciting has been the experience of developing abstract forms on the reverse of the mask faces that reflect and reference the birds and faces as well as the organic contours of the steel shapes.

Working with Mike has been exhilarating. Mike is a metal craft master, artist, and teacher. Mike's work ranges from ornamental, functional, and architectural to private and public artwork. You can check out Mike's work at

Ceramic Wall Sculptures

Kestrel & Yua Ceramic, pigment, 12"x8"x2.25, AVAILABLE, contact me directly by phone or email For more available ceramic wall hangings and bronze sculptures, visit my website.

Shaman's Flight Ceramic, pigment, 14.5"x9"x2.5" SOLD


Shout out of thanks to all those who visited my studio preview last Fall! It was great fun and a lovely interlude to see you all, talk art, and socialize during this pandemic. Momma White and Popsie came out to support and celebrate my new work.

"Across the Waters" exhibit has been extended to February 28, 2022...

I just discovered this story featuring my piece "Antidote" (above) in Thurston Talks: The Evergreen State College Longhouse Celebrates its 25+1 Anniversary of Supporting Native Arts. Check it out to learn more about this beautiful exhibit!

But anyway... Piuraa, Take Care.


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