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Leaping Salmon and Laughing Duck

Snapshots of new bronze wall sculptures just in from the foundry...

Above: Leaping Salmon and Man, Bronze, 10" x 8" x 3", Limited Edition of 25

Below: Laughing Duck and Woman, Bronze, 10" x 8" x 3", Limited Edition of 25

Editions 1 through 3 of both sculptures have been cast and finished. While these are two separate pieces, I sculpted them together so they also have the feeling of a pair. They are meant to express calm ebullience, synergy between action and stillness, harmony between animal and human persons.

The patina process is a creative confluence of science and art, a conversation, an iterative process. I design, describe, and provide reference photographs for the surface effect, color, hue, and tone that I envision. Then the patina expert applies chemicals to hot metal until my desired outcome is achieved. Custom patinas are available on all remaining editions.


Portland Art Museum Artist Talk

It was an honor to be invited by the Portland Art Museum (PAM) to present an artist talk at the museum this spring. What a festive event! I was surprised and thrilled as more than 120 people gathered together to consider my work. The PAM Native American Arts Council was an exceptional host and provided a beautiful spread of smoked salmon and appetizers for the reception. Some of my Alaska Native friends and family came out to sing, dance, and drum with me and so the event was transformed into a community celebration of culture, and connection as well as art.


Collaboration, Work in Process

I've begun sculpting this seal story for a collaborative piece with Aleut artist Don Johnston and Inupiaq artist Mark Tetpon. I’m sculpting clay for the bronze elements, Don will be weaving baleen and carving ivory, and Mark will be carving ivory and bone and bending wood. So excited about working with these new friends and master artists. The final piece is going to be spectacular!



Open Studio Preview: 2019 Santa Fe Indian Art Market New Works

Saturday, August 3, 2019

11am - 4 pm

11414 SE Grant St., Portland OR

August 17-18, 2019

Santa Fe, NM

Check out my exhibitor page on the Indian Market website!



I am saying goodbye to this ceramic owl mask pair today and mailing them off to Idaho. I'll be accepting commissions again this coming fall. Contact me anytime to talk about commissioning ceramic masks, bronze figures, and bronze wall sculptures.

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