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Highlights from a Busy Fall

It was a jolt of delight to hear that my bronze sculpture, Sedna, was awarded Best in Classification: Sculpture at the 97th Annual Santa Fe Indian Art Market! I was bewildered by a whirlwind of celebration gatherings, interviews, and photographs after receiving the good news call from Market E.D., Ira Wilson, 2 days before Indian Market. Local TV captured my surprise in coverage of the event: KOB4 New Mexico interview, 97th Annual Indian Market. I met so many amazing artists at the Market and had many memorable conversations with art loving market-goers about their connections to whales, about Far North stories of Sedna, and about Yup'ik ideas around transformation. An international buyer took home the winning sculpture and its ribbons! (Limited Edition: 2/25 available)


I learned this week that there's a small story about my win in the Oct/Nov edition of Native American Art--so my Indian Art Market excitement continues!


I spent the second weekend in September with friends Chris and LaRita, curator owners of the wonderful Raven Makes Gallery in Sisters, Oregon. The in-person solo show was an exhibit of my bronze pieces and new mask works in ceramic. In honor of the gallery namesake and the importance of Raven in Yup'ik stories and cosmology, I showed 3 Raven masks, Maker Raven: Traveling the Universe through Star Holes, Maker Raven: Pushing Back the Mask, and Raven: Making the First Human in His Image. My bronze piece, Woman Transforming into Bear seemed to draw the most interest over the weekend. I heard many stories from gallery visitors about the power they are seeking and sometimes finding to make important changes in their lives--this piece seems to speak to viewers about personal strength. I was inspired by the stories shared and delighted when the piece sold to an art collector as a gift for a loved one gathering strength during a major life transition. (Limited Edition: 2/25 available)


I have sculpted the first two pieces in a new series, Relatives. Here are a couple snapshots of just sculpted wet-clay, Relatives: Owl, and Relatives: Hawk.

I start this month on my 5th bronze piece! There are no photos to share as I'm still in the dreaming and visioning phase of sculpting. I recently read an old and fantastic story about a shore-line welcome party during which a shaman requests that 2 drums be passed through his body from shoulder to shoulder so that they partially emerge from his skin on both sides. The drums are then played by 2 village men while a boat of neighboring villagers coming ashore for a feast and celebration. The villagers jump early from the boat at the grotesque sight and run to shore to witness the amazing feat of the village shaman. This story may be inspiration for a new piece. I've also had an image in my head of a woman seated crossed legged, turning her hands above her head in a lotus mudra. Her hands in my vision are not human hands, but circling fish creating an eddy of energy. I'm excited by both of these images and one of them will likely be taking shape in the studio this month.

I'm also working on a commissioned pair of owl masks--and am currently accepting commissioned work!

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