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i'm going! Tears of Duk'Wibahl Gathering of International Indigenous Artists

i have been disappointed and regretful since turning down an invitation to participate in Tears of Duk'Wibahl. but a shift in my understanding has occurred, an acceptance of this time of unsettling and resettling for my family. when my spouse said this morning that she thinks my decision to decline the invitation was a mistake, her words resonated with the truth in my heart and i was on the phone with gathering organizers before she could finish her sentence. i'm lucky for her friendship. my spot at the gathering was still available! so i will spend the last week of august in art-making and cultural exchange with indigenous artists from the americas, new zealand, and australia. the gathering will include 8 studio days co-creating, a potlach, presentations, drumming and dancing, an exhibit, and visits to the nisqually, chehalis, squaxin island, and skokomish tribes. i will meet up there with some old friends, some acquaintances i've been waiting to know better, and new friends. i have been blessed again and again by the generosity of others. i'm so grateful. my hands have been itching and buzzing to create, i am ready to put my hands to good use!

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