Bronze Friendship Amulet, Alaska Native Sculpture, Talisman

• Set of 5 solid bronze friendship amulets (4 amulets, 1 "The Speaker" amulet)

• "The Speaker" 1.5 pounds, 5"x2", 4 amulets approximately 5.5-6.5 ounces, 3"x1" each

• Each amulet includes one leather medicine pouch stamped with Terresa White's hallmark

• Open edition original art by Terresa White,

• Shipping included to continental US


I was scared and running from room to room in an unknown house in my dream. I rounded a corner then heard, saw, felt them. They were suspended in a cluster of twinkling light, pulsing with energy, whispering like chimes, or water flowing under ice. They filled the room with warmth and goodwill. One, larger than the others and who I later thought of as the Speaker, calmed me… “You no longer need to live in fear. We have spoken with the people of the house. We have asked them to be kind to you. We have helped them understand that their happiness is tied to your happiness, that your well being is tied to their well being.” I was soothed, profoundly, and woke with a sense of living among friends in the world. I sculpted 4 of these dream people and the Speaker, each in relation to the other. The eye of awareness at the heart of each extends toward another, connecting them all in a web of mutual acknowledgement, friendship, and warmth. It is my hope that these amulets bring friendship and peace into the lives of the holders. 

Set: Bronze Friendship Amulets

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